Meet Jess + Gogi


Hello - I'm Jess and this is Gogi! We are blessed to be living life in San Diego, California.

As a child, I was fascinated by my mother's talents as a seamstress. I would hover over her shoulder and watch in awe as she effortlessly operated the sewing machine and transformed simple fabric and thread into stunning garments. Inheriting her creative and crafty genes, she passed on her skills to me by teaching me the art of sewing. This opened the doors to a world of artistic exploration, including drawing, painting, jewelry-making, clay sculpting, cross-stitching, and more. I hoped that one day my creations would be worthy enough to be sold in a store.

During my late teens and early twenties, I explored the world of entrepreneurship by starting various small businesses such as a T-Shirt brand, gemstone bracelets, press-on nails, chocolate covered strawberries, and calligraphy. Despite my efforts, these endeavors failed to take off due to my busy schedule with a full-time job and limited availability to commit to running a small business.

Unfortunately, in 2022, I lost my job due to layoffs and was left feeling uncertain about my future. During my job search, I realized that this was the ideal moment for me to fully devote myself to pursuing something that I could call my own. Starting a small business as a full-time job was a nerve-wracking experience, but even if it didn't work out, I could say that I tried my hardest and gave it my all.

After years of dreaming, I finally took the leap and became a small business owner. My passion for crafting and love for dogs merged to create BARKS & CRAFTS, a small business that offers unique, handmade snap-on bandanas for pets.

I am so grateful to have pups from all across the country wearing pet bandanas that my mom and I created with our own two hands. 

Thank you for supporting and following along my small business journey.




Gogi is a 2-year-old French bulldog who entered my life in February 2021. We have been inseparable ever since. 

Gogi (고기) means "meat" in Korean (think of the word bulgogi for KBBQ) and the name is so fitting for him since he's such a big meatball!

Gogi has a silly and goofy personality, making him a funny character with a big heart. He is very sociable and loves to be by your side. His favorite toys are ducks, but he also enjoys chasing a Swiffer during playtime.

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